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Welcome Danes Hill Buddy

This month we are extremely excited to introduce the newest member of our pony team – Danes Hill Buddy – Buddy for short.

The purchase of Buddy was made possible by the wonderful staff, parents and children of Danes Hill School in Leatherhead. The school chose us to be the focus of their Annual Charity Day where the pupils spent an afternoon raising money through games and stalls that they had set up for each other. It sounds as though it was a lovely opportunity for everyone to spend time with their classmates, friends and siblings just having fun and raising money for a great cause! They even had a visit from a familiar fluffy face in the form of our very own local celebrity, Barney!

We are incredibly grateful for the huge sum of £3973 raised by the school, which enabled us to buy the very lovely Buddy and cover some of his costs, and we have renamed him in the school’s honour. We hope to see some of the pupils visiting him soon!

Danes Hill Buddy has fitted into the already established team of ponies incredibly well. He is the youngest member of the team so has a lot to learn, but is already showing impeccable manners and a real fondness for children, along with a love of carrots! There is a rumour that he may be part-hippo though as he seems to be able to find the wettest, boggiest parts of the field to have a good old roll about in…! This just goes further to show off his playful personality and love of attention, as he seems to know that frolic in a big muddy puddle means someone will have to spend a long time grooming him at the end of the day!

We hope to update you all with his progress over the coming months as we start to integrate him into the upcoming sessions.

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