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Become a corporate sponsor and change a child's life
Become a Corporate Sponsor of a Horsley, Bookham & Leatherhead RDA Pony


It costs more than £4,000 per year to care for each of our HB&L RDA horses and ponies. We have pony sharers who help offset the cost of their care, but this only subsidises some of our annual costs for each pony.


Private, Corporate or Community Sponsorship is a great way to help HB&L RDA meet day to day equine related operating costs.  You can sponsor the full annual care cost of your chosen horse or (if your budget won’t stretch that far) you can choose part sponsorship.


As a business, there are countless ways that sponsoring a horse can be of benefit – here are just a few of the things we feel are important:

  • Horse sponsorship can generate substantial publicity for a relatively small investment

  • You’ll be recognised as actively supporting the community that supports you

  • There will be extensive positive exposure to other HB&L RDA supporters (potential customers)

  • Your business will be seen as possessing a high level of corporate and social responsibility

  • Customers will see that you care about supporting a local worthy cause

For our full corporate sponsors you will receive the following recognition. Bespoke sponsorship packages can be agreed, just get in touch!


  • A branded numnah for your pony to wear, with your name on it (full corporate sponsorship only)

  • Certificate (including your company logo if applicable) displayed outside your horse’s stable (full corporate sponsorship only)

  • Certificate with photo of your pony to display in your office

  • Acknowledgement prominently displayed on our sponsorship page on our website:, including a link to your company website

  • Promotion on our Social Media accounts and email newsletter to our database of over 1,000 local contacts

  • Invitation to join us as a VIP Guest at our Open Days or other events

  • First refusal to maintain sponsorship level for following year




Full & exclusive coverage of your sponsorship inc branded equipment, digital promotion, VIP invites to events.



Covering livery costs including feed and care for our ponies. Digital Promotion and partnership opportunities.

Image by Lena Bauermeister


Sponsor a pony by covering costs for general care including farrier & equipment for the year.

Tack Room


Support us by covering basic costs for vet, welfare & general care for a pony.

£2,500 Per Annum

£1,500 Per Annum

£750 Per Annum

£300 Per Annum

Thank you to our existing corporate supporters

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Also thanks to: EBM Charitable Trust, The Ingram Trust 

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