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Riding with Us

Bringing smiles to all

We run sessions throughout the week for various abilities, age groups and communities. Sessions will include riding exercises to teach riding skills, games and in fair weather the riders can go out for a ‘hack’, a gentle walk outside on a track around the property. This is always a thrill for the riders who feel that this ‘escape from the classroom’ allows them to enjoy ‘real riding’!

Throughout every session, the leaders and assistants allow their riders to develop at a pace that suits them. The emphasis is to ensure that each rider really enjoys what they are doing whilst improving their posture and control.


Ridden Sessions

The physical challenge and mental stimulus derived from riding help to improve and develop muscle tone, co-ordination, balance as well as social skills. Taking part can deliver a feeling of independence, a sense of achievement and greater self-confidence. Newly found capabilities begin to take precedence over long-accepted disabilities.

Our riders have a wide range of disabilities and syndromes including moderate learning difficulties, autism, Down's syndrome, impaired sight and hearing, cerebral palsy and others. Many, whilst outwardly physically able, need to take part in a healthy activity that will calm their energies or boost their confidence.

The ‘magic’ that RDA can deliver happens because our riders are offered ponies that have been carefully vetted to ensure that they are calm and responsive to their riders. Confidence in controlling their ponies translates into confidence in other activities.

All our riders derive enormous pleasure being on the back of ponies that don’t ask any questions requiring a spoken answer, and don’t depend solely upon the spoken word to convey instructions. Their smiles communicate the contentment they derive from RDA.

Tea with a Pony


Horses provide therapeutic experiences both ridden and on the ground, so our Tea with a Pony is ideal for the elderly or children with limited mobility. Even from the ground, our guests can spend quality time with a pony and get benefits of being with such gentle animals.

During this hour experience we bring one of our ponies for gentle interactions, offer a lovely morning tea with cakes and biscuits and an opportunities to immerse themselves with our RDA centre.

A non ridden experience is £5 per person and requires a carer or guardian to attend. 

Get in touch via our Contact Us page references 'non ridden experience'.


1.15pm - Eastwick School


11.45am - Individual riders

1.15pm - St Philips School


1.15pm - Broadwater School

7-8pm - Individual riders


12pm - Stoughton Infant School

1.15pm - Eastwick School


10am - Woodlands School

7.15pm - Individual riders


9-11am - Individual riders


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