At the Horsley Bookham & Leatherhead RDA we have a number of our wonderful ponies available for sharers. They are all special and unique in their own ways and we have options for a range of riders.


You can meet all of our ponies here.


For all enquiries please email addressing it to Barry.

All new sharers will be asked for donations of:

£25 a day per ridden session

£15 for lead rein session


Available on: (not currently available)

Leadrein pony - 11.1hh, up to 4 stone, 3’6

Elvis is the ultimate lead rein pony. He is great at being pampered, groomed and loved. Once a rider is on he is very sensible and exactly knows his job. Easily walks, trots and halts on demand. Would suit a first time or new rider.


Available on: Saturday & Sunday

Lead rein pony - 12.2hh, up to 5 stone, 4’6

Tom is a very gentle, affectionate pony who has lots of experience as a lead rein pony. He loves being groomed and is a very loving pony who has lots to give.  A good pony for an experienced lead rein to start practicing independent riding.


Available on: Wed, Fri, Sat Sun

Leadrein pony - 12.2hh, up to 4 stone, 3’6

Doodles is an excellent lead rein pony and the minute a rider is on him, he is careful, sensible and take his job very seriously. However, being a Welsh A he has a bit of ‘sass’ and does require a ‘horsey parent’ with the child as he can be a bit cheeky or nervous.

He would suit a small but confident lead rein rider who is looking to advance their skills. Not suitable for first time rider.


Available on: (not currently available)

First pony - 12.2hh, up to 6 stone, 4’

A perfect gentlemen who is used regularly throughout the week in RDA sessions.


Available on: Saturday & Sunday

First pony - 13hh, up to 6 stone, 4’6

Buddy is one of our newest ponies at Badgers Farm but don’t let that you worry. He is incredible relaxed, sweet and a real gentle pony. He would be ideal for someone looking to develop their skills.


Available on: (not currently available)

Lead rein & First Pony - 13hh up to 8 stone, 5’

AJ is incredibly popular across our RDA sessions and sharers. He is an amazing lead rein but also great off lead, being very careful with his riders. 


Available on: (not currently available)

Sturdy Cob - 13.2hh, up to 8 stone, 5’

A new addition to the RDA family. A lovely mare who loves her independence and would suit a more experienced rider looking to go on hacks and schooling sessions.


Available on: (not currently available)

Study Cob - 14.2hh, up to 10 stone, 5’6

A great cob who is often used in RDA sessions due to his good nature and hard working spirit. He loves hacking out with experienced rider. He can be cheeky so needs a confident rider who will keep his groundwork and manners up to scratch!


Available on: (not currently available)

Sturdy Cob - 14.3hh, up to 10 stone, 5’6

Our lovely Maggie is popular with our RDA sessions and her current sharers hack her out regularly.


Available on: (not currently available)

Sturdy Cob - 15hh, up to 10.7 stone, 5.8

A brilliant mare who has slotted into her RDA role very well. Her sharers enjoy hacking her and schooling her.


Sharing our ponies

Code of Conduct

At the HB&L RDA we are very lucky to have such amazing ponies and a community of sharers to bring variety and exercise into their overall programme of work. We know that our pony’s primary job is to serve the RDA and help provide therapeutic experiences for our riders both on horse back and on the ground.  Finding ponies with the suitable temperament is incredibly hard, and so we need to ensure our sharers are supporting our ponies overall welfare and continue to enforce their good behaviours, healthy lifestyle and appropriate training. Furthermore, whilst riding you are representing the RDA and the charities work and so it’s important our sharers adhere to the rules of the yard and the local area.


As such, we have a sharers code of conduct to help ensure you support and enhance our ponies.  All existing and new sharers must commit to adhering to this and failure to do so may result in us terminating our agreement.