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The amazing impact of RDA

Our RDA are committed to measuring the impact of our activities. This means our donors can give with confidence; our volunteers and coaches can understand the difference they make and – most importantly – our riders know they are getting the best possible experience from their time with us.

RDA National's research shows that horse riding with RDA delivers physical benefits, boosts confidence, improves communication skills and helps to build relationships. We know our activities support our riders education and learning, and that having the opportunity to compete improves confidence in daily life. Each year RDA National build on their knowledge and use the insight from their research to help all the groups do more of what we do – and to do it even better.

Impact at a glance:

· 68% Improve communication

· 76% Experience more enjoyment

· 77% Show greater confidence

· 76% Experience physical improvement

· 82% Improve ability to build relationships

Figures from RDA National

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