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Raise the Roof - We did it

Thank you to everyone who generously donated - large and small - we hit our fundraising target to Raise the Roof for our new riding centre at Badgers Farm, Effingham. Work is well under way to build our new weatherproof indoor arena, which will allow us to offer rides all year round to our existing and new riders. We hope to have the building works complete and be open early in 2022.

In the meantime, we are increasing our team of RDA horses, ponies, coaches and volunteers. We are still happy to accept donations to fund this work and our ongoing costs - please let us know if you want to be a long term supporter of our charity, through giving your money or your time.

Just want to be a social supporter? Then come to one of our regular fundraising events (Race Night, Barn Dance, Quiz Night) or join the organising team to help.

For everything you do to help H,B&L RDA grow and prosper we are very grateful. You can contact us at:

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