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Lance and Ella on official duty!

Last week, our chairman and two representing riders went along to Waitrose Dorking to collect a cheque for £245, as part of the company's Community Matters scheme. Each month, shoppers in the store used their green tokens, handed to them at checkout, to vote for one of three local charities. In July, Horsley and Bookham Riding for the Disabled was lucky enough to be one of those three charities.

Lance and Ella who ride with our RDA group on Thursdays, looked a picture of delight as they got to hold the giant cheque for the photographs, alongside a representative from the staff. The pair's excitement went up a level as they were thanked for their time with a gingerbread man each.

'It was lovely to meet Lance and Ella last week, they really brightened up the store! I really hope the money that was raised helps your amazing charity.' Ellen, Store Representative

Our RDA is 100% reliant on voluntary donations, so the impact of support from Waitrose Dorking and its neighbouring stores makes a huge difference to the charity, and we are incredibly grateful to those shoppers who voted for us.

To provide a session for a rider costs the charity £21 each time, and last year we provided 1,338 rides, which were funded by monies given by the public. Thank you to our team of volunteers who organise events, hold buckets, and run stalls on our behalf, we really couldn’t do it without you.

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