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A letter from Lance

My name is Lance, I am 9 years old, and I have Down syndrome. I want to tell you about my most favourite thing ever, horse riding!

and Ella

Mummy took me to our local Riding for the Disabled centre when I was three years old, after my physiotherapist mentioned to her that it would be good for my core strength. Everyone thought it would take me a while to get used to the ponies but we made friends as soon as I met them. I was smitten! Riding days were Thursdays. It was my favourite day of the week because me and my best friend Ella got to take a field trip from school and go riding.

I am very sad at the moment, I haven’t been allowed to ride since the beginning of last year, and Mummy can’t tell me when I can go back. The pandemic meant the RDA had to close, because the volunteers need to help riders like me, get on and off the ponies, and walk alongside us in case we wobble a bit. Mummy says the RDA lost their home, this made me even sadder, and that is why I have written this letter.

Horsley, Bookham and Leatherhead RDA need your help. They have raised funds to start building a new, fully accessible riding centre at Badgers Farm in Effingham, but they need a bit more money to add the roof, so Ella, myself and all the other riders can start to ride again.

Mummy says that there are lots of children, just like me, on something called a waiting list, who haven’t ever had the chance to ride with the RDA yet. With the new centre, extra ponies and more volunteers, up to 180 children like me can ride, how amazing is that!

I really miss seeing the ponies, and getting to ride, if you are able to support the charity by making a donation to their ‘Raise the Roof’ campaign please visit the website for more information. I'm excited about us hitting the target and being able to get back to riding as soon as I can - I know that the local community will help us do this so I've already ordered my builders hat, so that I can help too!

lots of love

Lance (and Ella too!)

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