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Sponsor a Pony - one year on

In December 2017 we launched our Sponsor a Pony campaign and we are delighted with its success so far.

We currently have 40 individual sponsors, who all sponsor at least one of our 13 ponies but we are hoping to double that in 2019, could you be our next sponsor?

By sponsoring one of our 13 ponies you can help us keep them happy and healthy and ready to take part in RDA rides. Sponsoring a pony makes a lovely gift for a special occasion or just as a way to show your support to the group.

For £15 you will receive:

· A welcome letter and certificate of sponsorship from your chosen pony

· Our email newsletter

· A Christmas card from your chosen pony

· A meet and greet at our annual open day

Further information and application details are available on the sponsorship application form.

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