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New Coach, New Adventures: Murphy Cook joins us at Horsley, Bookham & Leatherhead RDA

Here at Horsley, Bookham & Leatherhead Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), we're thrilled to introduce our newest coaching recruit, Murphy Cook. With a passion for horses deeply ingrained in her upbringing and a wealth of experience in equestrian coaching, Murphy brings a fresh perspective and boundless enthusiasm to our organization.

"My whole life has revolved around horses," Murphy shares. "Growing up with two horsey parents, it was only natural for me to develop a profound love and understanding of these magnificent creatures." Embarking on her coaching journey four years ago, Murphy made the decision to transition to full-time equestrian coaching and riding in April 2023. Her dedication and commitment culminated in her qualification with a Level 2 UKCC in Equestrian Coaching in June 2023.

But Murphy's journey with RDA began even more recently, in November 2023, when she eagerly volunteered in sessions while simultaneously completing all the necessary modules to become a coach. Now, as a 'Coach in Training,' Murphy is fully immersed in the RDA ethos, embracing the challenge with open arms and a heart full of passion.

Saturday sessions have been particularly exciting, as both riders and volunteers are learning together. "The new Saturday riders are doing wonderfully!" Murphy exclaims. "It's been a real challenge for everyone because we're all new to this." With a mix of new riders, volunteers, and even some new horses, each session is a testament to the collective commitment and resilience of the RDA community.

Despite the initial nerves, Murphy is already witnessing remarkable progress among her riders. "In just three short weeks, I've seen these children grow in confidence," she reflects. "Not only with their riding but also with their interaction with one another, the volunteers, and myself." From improvements in position and balance to newfound abilities in holding the reins, every small achievement is celebrated as a triumph of determination and dedication.

As Murphy looks ahead to the future, she is filled with anticipation and excitement. "I cannot wait to see where we are in another three weeks and beyond!" she exclaims. With Murphy's guidance and the unwavering support of the RDA community, the possibilities for growth and achievement are boundless.

At Horsley, Bookham & Leatherhead RDA, every step of the journey is met with compassion, encouragement, and a shared love for horses. With Murphy Cook leading these new sessions, our riders are gaining news skills, having fun and gaining therapeutic benefits.

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