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Shere Hill Climb 2019

At the beginning of September, the 8th annual Shere Hill Climb took place and we were delighted to be there for our first time. Thanks to the kind support of lots of local individuals and companies, we were able to have a very impressive cake stall at the event to raise funds. The lovely event goers were incredibly generous on the day, eating far more cake than they were probably expecting, and we raised £340!  The family friendly social day is organised by a fantastic committee of people who have Charity at their hearts, and over the years the team have given away the profits to a number of local charities, and we were over the moon to receive a £1,000 donation after the event and an invitation to attend again next year. If you have never been to Shere Hill Climb, pop it in the diary for 2020, and we look forward to seeing you there! 

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