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Race Night goes Virtual for 2020

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

As we are unable to hold our annual race night this year we are going ahead, virtually.

There is no dinner, no bar and no stunning venue, BUT there is a great evening of entertainment!

There is no cost to attend but we encourage you to buy a horse (you can name it too!) for £10 and as an owner you will be in the running to win a race prize and/or sponsor a race (promote your local business) for £50. We also have raffle tickets at £5 for 5 tickets in advance, the winners will have their prize goodies delivered in time for race night.

We won't be taking bets however you're encouraged to hold your own tote within your household, and if there is any non winners we would love you to consider donating the surplus too!

Like many local charities, COVID-19 has affected our ability to fundraise and cover the costs for stabling and feeding our horses, this event is to help us raise funds for our ongoing costs, including the extra expense of PPE and sanitizing products we need, now we are starting our lessons again. Your support is crucial to us right now.

Thank you

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