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Hear from our volunteers

We recently asked some of our volunteers why they love volunteering with us each week. And we couldn’t help but share their responses as they just filled us with such joy. It reminds us so much that not only do the children get a lot from our sessions, but so do our volunteers.

Let’s hear what thy have to say:

Tell us why you love volunteering at HBL RDA.

“Seeing the faces of the excited riders and sharing the joy that the horses bring to each individual”

“The pleasure I get from volunteering is reflected in the delight of the young people when they forget their fear of ponies and being to realise that they are enjoying themselves and have overcome a huge challenge. The ponies can been seen as huge and scary, a bit like the world and the children have gained confidence.”

“Seeing the children who ride, grow in confidence and physical strength. I also enjoy meeting and getting to know the other volunteers.”

“As a lifelong horse lover and grandmother to an Autistic teenager, my whole session is a delight. The companionship between horse and rider that develops in such a short time is wonderful to witness.”

“It’s fun worthwhile and rewarding.”

“It is a very humbling experience working with the RDA. It is an incredible honour to bear witness to the development we see in the children as they grow in confidence and ability. It takes a lot of courage to trust a horse and strangers and these children are an inspiration to me. I walk away from each session with a full heart.”

Why I would recommend others consider volunteering for HBL RDA

“A lovely community, full of friendly people.”

“You will make new friends, have a lot of fun and have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making an enormous positive contribution to the lives of the young people, many of whom will have great challenges in their everyday life.”

It melts your heart when you see a nervous child benefit from contact with a pony. It is easy to volunteer as the organisation is extremely well run.”

“I have already recruited 3 friends who are equally as enchanted with the whole set up. The difference from the beginning of the sessions and the children conquering their fears with great encouragement from volunteers and the amazing patience of the ponies.”

“The RDA is full of good people with great intentions. It is heart-warming to be a part of such a welcoming and warm community… and that’s just for the volunteers! The work the charity does for the children and adults that attend the sessions is pure. If you want to be a part of a miracle in action then volunteer for the RDA. Not every session is glamorous, but it is pure goodness and we all need a little more of that in our lives.”

As you can read, our volunteers get to witness the children grow confidence, but also improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Not only that, but there is a community surrounding it with new and old friendships and a way to meet new people in a supportive environment.

In 2023 we plan to further grow our sessions to reach new people such as introducing new schools, provide riding to adults with disabilities but also introduce non ridden experiences for the elderly as well as others who are physically unable to ride. To deliver all this we’d love to welcome new volunteers so please consider getting in touch. It’s just a couple of hours each week, during school term time. All training is provided and it’s a great way to have some gentle exercise, meet some amazing children and make new friends.

Please get in touch to find out more! Email us at

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