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Do your one good deed today - nominate HBL RDA

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Please help HBL RDA get nominations with the Benefact Group - you could help us win £1,000 towards the charity's running costs.

The more nominations we get the more likely we are to be drawn as a winner. Let's help HBL RDA get as many votes as possible... there are over 600 friends on Facebook and on our mailing list.

Benefact Group are giving away £120,000 in December - they will give £1k to 120 charities in their seasonal 12 Days of Giving phase of Movement for Good.

Remember, you have one vote per charity, so please vote for HBL RDA and nominate today!

Registered charity: 1170049

Just click on this link - Movement for good – Nominate a charity to receive £1000 - choose HBL RDA (charity number 1170049) and fill in the form.

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