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Are you a Co-Op member?

The group are delighted to be one of Co-Ops chosen charities for the next 12 months, but we need your backing!

If you are a member (if not please consider becoming one, it costs just £1) please sign in and choose our RDA as 'your cause' to support.

Simply click this link to take you straight to the right page

Co-Ops funding will mean we can buy new equipment, providing specialised reins so our younger riders will be able to share in the natural instinct to hold reins whilst riding. Ladder and loop reins to support any unusual grip. Older riders will benefit from grooming kits that varies in size and weight for all hand grips, raising self esteem with a'caring' empathy between horse and rider.

We can only secure this funding with your help so please do support if you can.

Thank you

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