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An interview with 2 young volunteers

Emily and Harriet undertook their Duke of Edinburgh volunteering time with the charity and loved it so much they have continued to attend weekly to support the Sunday group. As part of our series of interviews with key people at the charity, we asked the girls to give us their views, as young volunteers.

How did you first hear about the charity?

A friend of ours knew of the charity, and recommended it to us when we were looking around for DofE volunteering work.

Who is your favorite pony and why?

Harriett’s favorite pony is definitely Chalky, as she has been working with him for a number of years now, and has built a strong bond with him.

Emily’s favorite pony is Coco, as although he is most definitley the slowest horse we have ever come across, he provides much entertainment, and causes many horse traffic jams. He has such a lovely character, and he’s great to lead.

What has kept you continuing to volunteer with the charity beyond your DofE commitment?

RDA is one of the most rewarding experiences to be part of, and it is so special to see the children grow and strengthen in every way, and over the many Sunday mornings you spend with the children you grow such special bonds with them, and it becomes such a big part of your life, that we couldn’t possibly part with.

What would be the impact if RDA wasn’t available to the riders in your group?

If RDA wasn’t available to the riders of our group, none of them would have gained the confidence to ride, or have grown and developed In the ways in which they have.

What do you feel are the biggest benefits to the children and young people in your group with regard to riding?

For some of the children in our group, riding provides them with a fun way of strengthening themselves physically, whilst for others, riding allows them to engage in conversation, and gain confidence, and most importantly have fun!

What have been the highlights for you with regard to your time with the RDA?

Harriett’s highlight was when she gave Toby a train magazine, after discovering his love for trains, and then at the next session, received a hand made card, drawn and written by himself.

In three words, please sum up how you feel about RDA?

Rewarding, inspirational, heart warming

Is there anything else you want to say about our RDA?

RDA is such an amazing charity, and volunteering at RDA is such a privilege for both of us, and every Sunday session is something to look forward to.

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