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By sponsoring one of our 11 ponies you can help us keep them happy and healthy and ready to take part in RDA rides. Sponsoring a pony makes a lovely gift for a special occasion or just as a way to show your support to the group.

As an individual sponsor, for £15 per year you will receive:

  • A welcome letter and certificate of sponsorship from your chosen pony

  • Our email newsletter

  • A Christmas card from your chosen pony

  • A meet and greet in the summer

Sponsor a pony - Betty

  • DOB: 03/04/2015

    HEIGHT: 16hh

    FULL NAME: Betty Boop

    Our lovely mare ready to welcome new adult riders. She has a sweet nature and picking up the RDA environment well.

  • If you're buying this for a gift please add the recipients name, email address and postal address at checkout.

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