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An epic weekend of Christmas fundraising - Thank you everyone involved


During the first weekend in December, 27 fantastic volunteers helped us raise over £1,000 at four events in three locations across two days (phew!!!).

Those who attended the St Nicholas Church Christmas Fair at Bookham Barn Hall, purchasing our stunning Christmas cards and plush ponies as stocking fillers.

Our mascot Barney, the Shetland Pony braved the rain along with Trustees and Volunteers at the Horsley Village Christmas Day, enjoying the attention of passers by.

Shoppers enjoyed meeting both Timmy and Barney, the Shetland Ponies, at Cobham Sainsbury's across both days of the weekend, carrot sales are said to have doubled!

The Trustees wish to extend their huge thanks to the three locations for allowing us to attend, the public who donated and the amazing volunteers to gave up their time to help us raise this fantastic amount.

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