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A huge thank you...

Congratulations to some of our Pony Sharers (Tilly who shares Tilly and Lucy who shares AJ) for running a hugely successful Homemade Lemonade Stand to raise funds for HB&L RDA. We always say 'it's what you can do that counts'! And these young ladies did a splendid job of raising £52 with their delicious beverages. GOOD JOB!

If you are feeling motivated to do more, there are plenty of fundraising things you could do to support RDA:

  • Have a cake sale

  • Arrange a sponsored silence (I'm sure parents would chip in for this one!)

  • Do a sponsored walk

  • Clear out the cupboards and have a garage sale

  • Organise a local car wash weekend

  • Collect your small change for a month and donate to RDA

  • Run a marathon (or shorter distance)

  • Do a sponsored swim

  • Join in a sponsored sky dive for HB&L RDA (we have details on this)

Any donation, big or small makes a huge difference and helps us keep the charity going.

Once again, thank you to our wonderful sharers Tilly, Lucy and friend Alice for your brilliant fundraising event.

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