Non Ridden Experiences

The perfect gift for those unable to ride

Horses provide therapeutic experiences both ridden and on the ground. Some of our supporters want to experience a non ridden experience where their child can spend quality time with a pony and get benefits of being with such gentle animals.

In the spring we will be offering our non ridden morning/afternoons where the child or adult can experience:

  • Seeing the horse in their natural habitat, out in the field

  • Groom for the pony

  • Lead the pony around

  • Feed and care for the pony

  • See the tack and facilities the ponies need for their daily care.

A parent or carer is required at all times for supervision.

A non ridden experience is £10 per hour and subject to availability of our volunteers & coaches.

Get in touch via our Contact Us page references 'non ridden experience'.